Annual General Meeting

The Saskatoon Jazz Society (SJS) will hold its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, November 28, 2023 at 7:00pm. 

SJS Director Nomination Form PDF

Click the button above to download the SJS Director Nomination Form PDF.

Nominees must be members of the Saskatoon Jazz Society. Unless otherwise decided by the members, directors serve for two years.

This nomination must be received by the Society at least five business days before the annual general meeting.

SJS Board

  • Shawn Tillman President
  • Jolene Zidkovich Vice-President
  • Kevin Veitenheimer Treasurer
  • Dwayne Demeester Secretary
  • Julie Dell Executive Director
  • Don Griffith Artistic Director
  • Laurel Beaumont
  • Randy Boyer
  • Michael Conlon
  • Kyle Drever
  • Gisele Dumonceaux
  • Sherry Fitzimmons
  • Glen Kovatch
  • Shelly Loeffler
  • Heidi Munro
  • Jamie Peever
  • Sandra Stack